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Rocky | Shopping Game for Kids 3+

Have you ever thought:” Why my child doesn’t want to study or learn something new?”. The answer is quite evident because you make it a necessity. Ask yourself, do you like doing something when you have no choice? No, It’s torture for you.

So how to attract a child’s attention?

What is the best way to make your children learn something new?

You need to make them want to study and learn new things, and after a short brainstorm, you will understand that the answer is a kids’ game. Why? Because the game for kids is fun and they want to play it. They don’t even know that they are learning. That’s the trick! They just enjoy the game and don’t see educational moments of it. The best type of these games is a puzzle and a matching. Remembering and using in-game rules implies developing different fundamental skills, and that’s what you need. Baby Panda’s Rocky Supermarket is exactly this type of learning game for kids.

This free app is designed for preschool children 3-8 years old. Tasks will be understandable even for kindergarten age 3-5 and interesting for 6-8 years old. Every level is built so the child will study something new: math and logic, color and shape, name of the fruits and vegetables, and numbers. Mini-kids learning games are very different from each other: educational puzzles, basic math, matching, focused on using the fine motor, even logic involved. We remember that it’s all for children, so we made everything full of color, fun, cute and creative. So our little ones won’t feel like they are doing boring educational exercises because this is precisely what we are trying to avoid.

This is a creative game! That is why at each level, there will be a reward for your kid with different stickers with animals, insects, vehicles, etc. These can be assembled in various collections.

With Rocky, your kid will learn:

  • Numbers and basic math
  • Practice memory
  • Differentiate fruits from vegetables
  • Shapes and colors
  • Train logic and attention
  • How to purchase and pay for products

While the child is playing this learning app, Baby Panda Rocky will help him and give an excellent example of behavior. Rocky is very polite, patient, and kind. That’s what all parents want to see in their little preschoolers. Also, he communicates with kids in simple words so a boy or a girl could understand him easily. Our educational game with Rocky will show your child how to help you in the supermarket, so simple but so entertaining!

Baby Panda’s Rocky Supermarket app for phones and tablets will make studying fun for your children. They will solve puzzles, count, learn new words, and understand how shopping is working. Also, Rocky is an excellent example of children. They can even pick a few traits from him and start helping a family with groceries. And all this while playing a simple app, who would have thought. You will be happy with the result, and it will be noticeable. Children are entertained by gaining knowledge, and parents are delighted that their kids are learning something new. Install our app and see it for yourself.